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Dance Academy Natraj

Dance Academy Natraj is for young and old, located in The Hague. Choreographer Rajni Ghiraw teaches the Indian classical temple styles Odissi and Kathak.


Dance Academy Natraj also offers Bollywood dance classes and Indian folk dance. Once a year Rajni also organizes a Baithak gana workshop for the enthusiasts. These classes are well attendeded, often by multi-cultural students.


Our mission is to promote and furtherly develop Indian classical temple dance in the Netherlands. Stimulating the joy of dancing and the mutual connection that arises between people of all cultures and ages because of dance, is what we do it for.

Dance connects, where words fall short. Dance is limitless and Universal. We from Dance Academy Natraj consider that Indian classical dance is not from us only or from India. Indian classical dance is for everyone.

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