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Tuition fees

Class type

Fee with
1 lesson a week

Fee with
2 lessons a week

Trial lesson
One-time registration fee
Private class 

€  15.00
€  21.50
€  25.50
€  30.00
€  30.00 an hour




€  26.50
€  30.50
€  35.00



Ooievaarspaslogo, wij zijn aanbieder van

At Dance Academy Natraj you can also join our dance classes with the Ooievaarspas with a 50% discount or a full reimbursement (100%) of your dance classes. Below you will find more information about the discount percentages that we use with regarding the cultural sector.

Age and number of lessons per week

Discount percentage

One-time registration fee
Ooievaarspas up to 18 years with 1 lesson a week
Ooievaarspas up to 18 years with 2 lessons a week
Ooievaarspas over 18 years with 1 or 2 lessons a week

€  15.00

100% discount

100% and 50% discount

50% discount

*Pay attention! One-time registration fee of €15.00 can't be paid with the Ooievaarspas.
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